Optimas Management Group specialises in a commercial program, customer service program development and airport operations consulting, all of which enhance the customer experience resulting in an increase in revenue for airport terminals. Learn more about our work in airport consultation and management as an experienced aviation consulting firm.

Enhance the customer experience through commercial programs, customer service programs, land development and more.

Design and implement volunteer ambassador programs while creating innovative solutions leading to an improved customer experience.

Work with architect and design firms to produce award-winning and sustainable facilities. We also review the existing waste, recycling, and composting processes at large facilities, consult with stakeholders, design, and deploy new programs that maximize the amount of material diverted from the landfill.

Create a strategy and land use plan. Source the right developer for the execution of the program and manage the process.

About Optimas Management Group

Optimas Management Group’s specialty is transportation facilities. We are airport professionals who have gained expertise and knowledge from working in airports for over 20 years in Canada and the USA. Our team has experience in airports, from developing and guiding strategy to implementing innovative programs that enhance customer service while generating non-aeronautical revenue and operations for terminal and landslide.

Our leadership team works with architects to design the best airport terminal, creating customer-friendly space, considering the best traffic flow for the terminal, travellers and concession operators. We ensure the space is optimised for generating revenue. Check out our video on Creating a Sense of Place in airport design and planning.