Odor Eliminator – SEPTICSOL–O

Septicsol-O is an Advanced & Effective Odor Eliminator. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, it quickly neutralises Odor and Smell “Be Gone”. No phosphates or Chlorine with no toxic and harmful chemicals and plant based deodorising ingredients. Just spray the product directly on the affected surface and witness the amazing results. There isn’t another product like it in the market. Comes Ready-to-use and is meant to handle stinky places such as Trash and Garbage Bins, Organic Waste bins, Garbage Dumpsters, Cat Litter Boxes, Building and Condo recycling areas, etc. Developed by a Canadian Ph.D. scientist, 100% made in Canada.  Please read product label for application instructions.

  • Fast & Effective Action
  • Ready to use on Organic Waste (Green Bins), Building and Condo Recycling areas, Cat Litter Box, Kitchen Trash Bin, Composting Bins, Dumpsters, Roll-out Trash Bins and other stinky surfaces.
  • Quickly neutralizes Odor
  • No phosphates & chlorine
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • No toxic and harmful chemicals
  • Plant-based Cleaning and Deodorizing ingredients.

Available in a 500 ml bottle.

Price is in Canadian Dollars. Please note shipping and taxes are not included.